Câmara de Teste Automático de Ozônio


  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM D1149, ISO1431 & JIS K6259 standards.
  • Providing precise and accurate ozone (O3) concentration environment for rubber and polymer test.
  • Widely applied to (1) Accelerated ageing research (2) Quality control and assurance tests and (3) R&D laboratory formula experiments for cracking resistance.
  • Wide ranges of ozone concentration (normal 20~250pphm, or according to customer’s request) can satisfy user’s different requirements.
  • The real ozone concentration is controlled and measured accurately by means of precise detecting system.
  • Provide both static and dynamic strain sample holders that conform to international standards.
  • Excellent system control: (1) Maintaining rapid resumption of O3 concentration during continuous circulation (2) With the ability of automatically and steadily keeping the chamber temperature.
  • Economy and efficiency: (1) Full automatic test after simple settings (2) Physical method produced ozone unnecessary any chemical additives.


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