Teste Plunger


  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM F414, DOT571.109, F870 & JIS D4230 standards.
  • New generation of PL-2000X series Plunger Testers, equipped with servo-hydraulic system to control the testing speed, are available fpr customers to select the suitable model.
  • Test functions including Radial elasticity test, Tread footprints test, Tire dimension test, Bead unseating test, Lateral elasticity test and Pressure distribution analysi for Footprints. (Note: Test function are different from machine’s models)
  • Wide range capacities of load cells are available for customers to select the suitable ones to test the different sizes of tires.
  • Different operations modules are designed in accordance with different test functions. They can simplify the procedures of operation settings and efficiently manage the massive data.
  • Software provides three types of mean calculations, including Arithmetic mean, Weighted mean, and Median mean.
  • During test, data and curves will be displayed on the monitor immediately; and then automatically saved into memory device such as hard dish while finished.
  • Tire Tread Analysis System (TTAS), the newest professional software developed by Ektron Tek, is used to figure out the pressure value of each point in the area of footprints; and then provides digital pressure values and color image of pressure distribution.

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